Week 3, A Realization

When the opportunity to become a participant in the “Masterkey, Mastermind Alliance program” being offered by Mark Januzewski and his team my initial objective was to become a better network marketer.

What I have learned in the first three weeks is that if I am to become a better networker, I must first become a better person. Better in caring more about the success of others, than about my own personal success.altered-journal-quote

To be able to help others, I first had to begin learning how to communicate with others in a way that they understood what networking is all about.

I don’t believe I have ever met a person that could not benefit from this wonderful industry, yet so many say no when approached about our business. Who doesn’t want to pay fewer taxes, have more money and spend more time with their family.

We almost all in this business have been led to believe that you just have to find the right people when in fact almost all are the right people.So if we are going to help our brother find time and financial freedom we must become responsible.

How do we become responsible, we must learn the skills necessary to show those we approach that what we do is exactly what they have been doing their entire life, but just not getting paid for it. We are simply recommending something we believe in, like and enjoy. If you truly believe, as I do and many others, that this is the last bastion of free enterprise, we must learn and improve our skills.full circle

Do not leave your friends and associates to suffer the 45 years plan that we all have escaped from. Know that your cause is noble and never be afraid to open your mouth. We have a responsibility to let them know there are two roads and the one less traveled is the one that leads to peace and freedom.


Week 2, I always keep my promise!

Keep the promise to yourself, it all starts there!

I have one simple Question for you? How many times in your life have you spoken the words “I promise” and then let things slide, let things get in the way, not by intent, but because of some circumstance let the promise slip by for a day, a week or maybe longer.

iPromise_logoLearned an amazing thing this week, we were ask to list a chore that needed tobe completed. Could have been something current that just came up or something that we had been putting off doing! But we were ask to list this on a 3X5 index card and write below it, “I promise” and then “I always keep my promises” and sign our name to it.

Believe me, If there is something you want to accomplish, follow this simple procedure, you will not believe how compelling it is.

I had a task that I had been putting off for over six months. It was a simple task but required some physical effort that I was not looking forward too. It required a walk of about two miles. Now I am no stranger to walking, and I walk each day for exercise and a little break from the phone, email and the like. So the first mile was easy, it was the return mile that I was dreading. I was going to have to carry on a back pack a weight of approximately 50 pounds. That may not sound like much, but when you’ve lived three score and some years a fifty pound back is not, for most, a regular daily activity.

However, because of this compelling note I had written to myself, “I always keep my promises” with my signature attached. I awoke early Wednesday morning and decided this was the day to get it done. Total time required about 6 hours until I returned home, but now it is done, no longer lingering in the back of my mind as something needing to be done. I also learned that a fifty pound back pack was not as big a challenge as I had anticipated. I guess it is often our mind that makes something we dread or fear doing a bigger challenge that it really is.

So I guess the lesson here is, if you want to achieve something, write it down so it is identifiable, sign your name to it with the promise to yourself that you always keep you promise and believe me you will find yourself actively engaged and completing that project before you know it. Feeling good about yourself and ready and willing to take the next step to the success you deserve.

Week 1, Knowing that You know ..

Knowing that you now..

I believe the first time I was directed to a personal development book was sometime during the year 1971. Don’t recall the exact date but remember clearly the car I had, where and who I was with and how my life began to change. I remember titles like “The magic of thinking Big” whole sets of books from Charles “Tremendous” Jones. I read them, one after the other, with great interest, hoping to see the results promised by changing my attitude, getting rid of negative, joining a group of positive like-minded people. Well I met some great people, learned to watch the words and phrases coming from my mouth, set goals and hoped that I would reach them.  But something was missing.

Then came two books, “Think and grow Rich”  (1937) and “The Greatest Salesman In the world” (1968) that were totally different from all the rest. They actually outlined a plan of action. I read the books, carried the books, I would reread portions for time to time, but I never followed the plan to the letter.

Now after all these years of seeking, I have joined some people that have what I want, time and financial freedom, living the life of their dreams in a tropical paradise with total family harmony.

The influencing ingredient here is they are willing mentors, if I will follow their lead and hold myself accountable to their outlined program. And what is this program? Complete the steps outlined in the study material which includes these two wonderful books.

Ironically, these steps have been expressed since the beginning of mankind. I guess we dowhy we meet not realize how something so simple can make such a profound difference in our lives. We first have to understand who we are. Are we some creation of accident and unordered evolution passing thru time, or are we created for a specific purpose at a specific time by infinite intelligence to accomplish a specific task? If we are the latter, then we need to communicate with that source.

We do that by shutting out the noise, feeding our subconscious with thought compatible with Infinite intelligence and sit for the answers.

In just a short few days, writing out a Definite Major purpose, outlining specific plans to achieve that Definite Major purpose, and repeating those plans to myself when I first wake in the morning, at noon and before retiring for the day and more often when time allows, has changed everything.

Each day is filled with vigor, vitality, direction and purpose. My daily activity flows effortlessly. Always before I was trying to change the result by focusing attention on the result, now I am changing the thoughts that are the cause of the result and I see differences daily.

My journey will be posted here during the next few months and longer as we embark on this amazing adventure.